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Jul 09, 2019 at 04:20 PM

How to prevent Everyone Group from seeing All Public Folders and Sub-Folders


Currently, all users can see Public Folders and Sub-Folders. What I would like to achieve is to allow users to be able to see the top folder and the sub-folder which is allowed to see and open, but NOT all the sub-folders in under the top public folders.

I’m on BOBJ4.2, and it is set up such that every user/user group created is member of Everyone User Group. And everyone user group has access to Top public folder (All Folders). If I remove the view Right from Everyone, users aren’t able to see and open public folders.

I would like to create a security model which give folder View access based on departments in public folder. For instance, if you are part of the user group Sales, you would only see Sales Folder which is under Public Folder. If you are in the Marketing, you should be able to see the Marketing Folder under and its content the Public Folder, but NOT Sales folder.

I have create a custom access level from the Original view access level , and unchecked the "Apply to SubObject" check mark , and assigned this new custom access level to the "Everyone user group, but users who is member of everyone still can see all folders in the public folders .

Can you please share how to achieve this requirement?