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Jul 09, 2019 at 04:04 PM

Failed: NIECONN_REFUSED(-10) in SM59


Hi everyone,

Currently, we are creating the connection between SAP Marketing On prem (v 1809) and SAP Digital interconnect (also known SAP SMS 363) to send SMS but we have a connection error.

Configure conection type G in Trx SM59:

We load the certificate:

( in Tr Strust.

And we activate in Tx SM59:

In the connection test we have the following error:

Reviewing the documentation and doing tests, we think that we are not reaching the SAP DI server.

Do you have any clue how to solve it?



error-nw-2.png (25.5 kB)
error-nw-3.png (23.6 kB)
error-nw-1.png (141.6 kB)
error-nw-4.png (20.1 kB)
error-nw-5.png (14.2 kB)