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Jul 05, 2019 at 09:47 AM

2 subscription of same source system in ODQMON


Hello experts,

I have a problem with delta load of data source 0customer_attr.

When I created DTP for 0customer_attr, I can load init with data easily. But right after that, I couldn't load a normal delta DTP . I gives such an error ',invalid volumn error'. I check odqmon and I saw that there are 2 subscriptions for this datasource and one of them have no dtp name. No data at all about, in in fact. How come is this possible? There is only one delta DTP in BW for this dataSource so I think there must be only 1 subscriber in odqmon. I believe that error is caused by this subcriber without any data.



odqmon.jpg (71.0 kB)