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PowerDesigner: Repository branch only on highest level?

I have a PowerDesigner repository (16.5) with a branch called "Default".

For some of the folders below this branch I want to create individual branches.

Unfortunately I can only create a branch for the whole repository (for PD01). If I am doing this, all folders and models are duplicated.

If I say "new" for a folder I get only the option to create another folder.


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    Posted on Jul 11, 2019 at 11:20 AM

    Hello Wolfgang.

    The first thing to say is NEVER branch the repository root folder, that is a one-way street. I think the only back from that is to use SQL to hack the database (this was the response from SAP to a client a few years ago. Here's what PD help says about it:

    "If you branch the repository root, you will not be able to create any other sub-folders at the root level and will be constrained to placing all of your repository documents inside a single global branch structure." See Core Features Guide > Modeling with PowerDesigner > The Repository.

    I don't think you can create a Branch inside a Branch, which is what you're trying to do - you can only create folders inside a Branch.

    Going back to your original statement, if you have the "Manage Branches" right, you should be able to create branches in non-branched folders.

    Looks like you need to contact SAP about this one, or migrate to a new repository (which might be painful).

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