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Jul 08, 2019 at 03:37 AM

CIF MRP Area Safety Stock (EISBE/MDMA)

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We CIF MRP Areas and Materials extended to MRP Areas to APO where they have a location type Storage Location MRP Area.

Why dont I see safety stock maintained at MRP Area Storage location in ECC in corresponding fields in MAT1?

My understanding is

Source Field: EISBE / Table: MDMA

Target Field: SAFTYC / Struc: MATIO

Is some computation / setting at CIF time not updating it?

What does the field "Relevance to APO" (APOKZ / MDMA) mean who the MRP Type X0 is already applied? In table MARC the APOKZ field is set to 3 but the materials exist in active integration models for both plants and MRP areas. So why is it not 3 in APOKZ/MDMA? There is this report RAPOKZFX but that only seems to fix at plant level and not MRP area level.