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Jul 06, 2019 at 10:05 AM

Can't create user in SU01 - TIMEOUT dump occurs after saving


Hello SAP Community,

I've been trying for some time to create a user in /nSU01 but as I click save, the system stops responding and throws a TIMEOUT error dump. I tried restarting the system, but error persists.

I found a guide on the web regarding this problem, describing that the way to solve it is to implement note

2725610 :

However, this note has multiple other prerequisite notes. The author doesn't mention about the developer key being required for the manual activities in one of the prerequisite notes:

Example: 2599414 note must be implemented manually and requires me to create transparent table NKAIM_LOGGING in package SZN.

I am not developer. I am just BASIS guy and do not have developer key to create the necessary table. Do I have to engage development team for this ? Or Can I skip implementing the note ?

Is there any other way to solve the user creation problem if I cannot go on the author's approach ?

Thank you