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Jul 05, 2019 at 08:30 PM

Reduce Invoices Tip Amount from Net Amount in the Cash Desk Closing Template


Dear all,

This time I’m regarding to try to figure out how to manage sales prices without the tip amount included, because we have to fulfil some requirements that our country's Tax governmental entity requires from the Cash Desk Closing print report.

We must list in the template for each transaction the Invoice number (externalID), the net amount and the tax amount; we could deal with that information taking the NetAmount from the receipts, but in that information the tip amount is included, which is a wrong amount as the tip isn’t a sale amount for the company but something to give away to the waitress people; so as we detected that, we try to reduce the tip amount from net amount price for each invoice included in the cash desk closing print template but we face that the value that most be found in cashDeskClosing.receipts.tip is not being a valid field for this template even if this is the path showed in the structure help of the print template; I have no idea why only with that field the template can reach it, as we have already managed to list the net amount and the task amount of very invoice included in the cash desk closing.

Have you ever tried to manage tip information in this print template, if so, how did you got it?

Thanks in advance

Nasmiye PR.