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Jul 04, 2019 at 08:57 AM

Custom Fiori Client (iOS) + X.509 + third party MDM + SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services


Hi everyone,

I am venturing out to ask this question as I have read quite a few blogs, documentation and similar questions/answers over the last few days and I cannot find any answer to my specific scenario.

We have created a custom Fiori client (iOS) using SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and are using username/password combination to authenticate the user to the underlying Fiori Launchpad (on the SAP Cloud Platform). Now, we know that the customer has rolled out X.509 certificates to all the iOS devices in the organization and the X.509 authentication works (we tested it in the iPad Safari by authentication to the SCP Fiori Launchpad). This X.509 authentication however, fails for the custom Fiori client (wkwebview implemented). Most likely as Safari can access the certificate in the iOS keychain, but the Fiori client cannot.

But how do we gain access to this certificate then for the client built using the Mobile Services on the cloud? I could not find any documentation for this scenario.

Kindly note, we are using third party MDM at the customer.

Any help is appreciated.