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Jul 03, 2019 at 10:13 PM

ABAP CDS View: Delta-dataExtraction with detectDeletedRecords / functionality & huge tables

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Dear CDS-experts :)

I have some questions regarding the CDS-annotation ""

SAP help states following (under

"By using this annotation, the system will remember all key combinations of the view that were extracted in delta mode. If a key combination does not occur in the view anymore, this will automatically generate a delete image in the extracted data."

1. How and where is "the system" storing all extracted key combinations technically? Is there any table being created for the keys of each CDS view which has this annotation and which is being extracted? Can this be displayed for checking purposes?

2. Can someone share any experience on extracting such CDS views using ODP CDS into SAP BW/BW4 (according to especially regarding extraction performance while determining deleted records in huge CDS views with > 500 mio records...

Thanks in advance and best regards