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Jul 09, 2019 at 12:46 PM

Additional legal control for SPL should not be active during partner transfer from ERP



we want to do a check against a special sanction parties list, for which we created a new legal regualtion, as we don´t want it to be checked in our regular processes. We only want to use this new legal Regulation while we run a certain report, but not while tranferring partner from ERP to GTS, as we have the original SPL legal Regulation for this Scenario. Let´s say we want a legal regualtion only for simulations. Unfortunately it seems that any legal regualtion that is activated for SPL will do a check against the transferred partners. I guess this is due to the customizing Settings in 'activate business partner at Business partner function level'. I can´t find any BADI that would solve my problem. Has anybody an idea?

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