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Jul 09, 2019 at 08:48 AM

Can s4hana MB21 transaction be launched from Ariba?


Hi Experts,

1. Our business requirement is as follows:

1. A wider business community will use Ariba to create requirement.

2. The use procure stock and non-stock products, using Catalogue

3. For stock products, if the stock is available, the system should create a reservation in s4hana (1809)

4. Ariba creating reservation scenario is not available ( best of our current understanding), and it is planned for 2019 future release.

5. In the mean time, we want to provide the MB21 create/ reservation , mb22- change reservation and display reservation apps to users who are using Ariba as front end.

6. Is it possible to fetch these Fiori apps from S4HANA to be placed on Ariba as a standard ?

7. If standard is not possible, what would be the steps to enable creation of the landing page in Ariba, where the business user can then use create, change , display of reservations from Ariba itself?

Hope someone have faced this scenario and have some answer:)