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Jul 08, 2019 at 02:31 PM

How to compare 2 strings in SetCondition component in SAP TAO?


I am using SAP TAO to get the ObjectTypes and Errors in SAP OM17 using Object Spy functionality in TAO, the objects are saved into ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Test Plan for basic programming by using pre-built component. Everything was going fine until I need to use the SetCondition component to compare 2 objects. The SetCondition is like an IF statement in regular programming language, and it work fine when I use 2 int numbers; however, the problem arise when I tried to compare 2 string. I use SetInExecutionContext component to assign the ObjectType in OM17 to variable A. Ex: A = Planning. And GetInExecutionContext to get the value of the object which is string, after that, manually assign a string to object B using the same component. Ex: B = "nothing". However, the SetCondition component does not compare 2 strings. I am not sure how to assign string to an object in TAO using SetInExecutionContext component, which can be used in SetCondition for comparison. Please advise!