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Jul 08, 2019 at 02:00 PM

Lumira SDK - get data of large datasources / resultsets


Hi there

I'm developing a databound SDL component.

Within the component, I need access to the data of the assigned datasource.

To get the data, I use the classic setter/getter function:

    this.datasrc = function(value) {
        if (value === undefined) {
            return saveDatasrc;
        } else {
            saveDatasrc = value;
            console.log('datasrc', value);
            return this;

This works fine and the var "saveDatasrc" contains the data of the assigned datasource.

However, on large datasets, "saveDatasrc" remains empty (filled with an empty string).

I suspect that the datasource doesn't deliver the data on large datasets, but I'm not sure.

Maybe somebody can confirm this and/or can offer an other way how to get the complete data of an datasource within an SDK component.