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Jul 05, 2019 at 03:31 PM

Export reports in web cloud server


Hi sap users,always is a pleasure ask to you.

This time the next question:

I have some reports in Crystal for Visual Studio and works fine in my PC. These reports works fine in my PC, and after publish in IIS, including on a local server.

The problem is, when I put those reports in a web server cloud. no matter what I am doing, the report is not shown.

I use a direct report with the ip of the server, also create a variant of the report with DataTable. Even a datasource was created with the ip of the server...and it didn´t work in any way.

This situation only appears in the web cloud server, in my PC, After publish in my PC and in the local server works fine. Then my question is: a permit is needed to export Crystal Reports in a web cloud server or I need to do something special to show the reports?

Thank you so much for your attention, have a nice weekend.