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Jul 05, 2019 at 12:51 PM

ODP DataSource in SAP BW - data preview very slow

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I've successfully created an ODP source system in SAP BW 7.4 and replicated a number of DataSources from our SAP ECC system.

When I double click on the DataSource in SAP BW, there's a tab named *Preview*, which allows me to preview data from that DataSource. I entered 30 in the 'No. of Data Records' field and hit the 'Read Preview Data' button.

I noticed that the preview can take a very long time (several minutes) till data is shown. This seems to depend on the size of the underlying tables the DataSource is reading data from in SAP ECC.

The preview effectively calls function module RODPS_REPL_ODP_READ_DIRECT_XML in SAP ECC.

Even when calling that function module directly in SAP ECC in SE37 with the respective parameters, it takes a very long time, as well, till data is returned. So I suspect, it's less an issue with SAP BW but more with above function module?

This also happens on one of our newer HANA based ECC systems.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour? Any idea what can be done about this?

I would expect a preview to return data within seconds, rather than minutes.