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Jul 05, 2019 at 07:48 AM

SCU3: Retrieval issue


Hello All,

I have archived logs of three tables from DBTABLOG in my ECC System. While retrieving those archives through SCU3, two tables are getting retrieved bu the third table is giving the below error. Kindly help me out on this

ategory ABAP programming error untime Errors TIME_OUT BAP Program RSVTPROT pplication Component BC-CUS-TOL-ALO ate and Time 02.07.2019 12:22:14 Short Text Time limit exceeded What happened? Program "RSVTPROT" has exceeded the maximum uninterrrupted runtime and has therefore been terminated. Error analysis After a certain time, the program is terminated in order to free the workspace for other users. This prevents workspaces from being blocked unnecessarily, for example by an endless loop (DO, WHILE, ...), by database accesses where the result set is too large or by database accessess without a suitable index Index (full table scan). The maximum runtime of a program is set by system profile parameter "rdisp/scheduler/prio_[high|normal|low]/max_runtime". The current setting is 600 seconds. Once this limit has been exceeded, the system attempts to interrupt the SQL statement or to instruct the ABAP processor to terminate the program. It waits for a maximum of 60 seconds. If the program is then still active, the work process is restarted.


Srijan Sanyam