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Jul 05, 2019 at 12:21 AM

Tax jurisdiction code in Customer Master



We are using Vertex for US tax calculation. Tax jurisdiction code from Vertex is updated in Ship To master data based on the address which is sent to Vertex.

The issue we have is that county/state or federal tax may change at any time and once that happens the tax jurisdiction code does not automatically gets updated in Ship To. We have to manually remove the jurisdiction code and press enter so system determines the new code.

Suppose if an order is created today with tax jurisdiction code from SH as 123. This order may be invoiced next week but in the interim the tax rate may have changed but when billing document gets created it will take the old tax jurisdiction code from sales order. This causes error when releasing to accounting when system calls Vertex again it finds that jurisdiction code has changed.

Is there any way to automatically update tax jurisdiction code in customer master whenever it changes in Vertex for respective county/region?