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Jul 04, 2019 at 09:24 PM

Short dump while trying to call function module FKK_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_COMPUTE



Our sandbox system recently got refreshed with production data. This meant lot of old invoices got archived in sandbox. However our sandbox doesn't have connectivity with archive server (needless to point that production does have this connectivity). So an archived invoice which could be accessed in PROD using EA40 (display from archive option) cannot be accessed through sandbox.

For one of our existing processes, we are calling function module FKK_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_COMPUTE. This function module is throwing short dump message_type_x inside event 0075 ( FM FKK_SAMPLE_0785

line 237) as it fails to find document header (which was archived). Comment written above the code which throws short dump says " Should never ever occur" ..
The short dumps are getting triggered in sandbox only where there is no archive server connection and not in prod where everything is behaving correctly.

Anyone having any experience related to this issue ? Any help would be appreciated!