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Jul 04, 2019 at 10:21 AM

Actual Cost of Exploded BOM -Product Costing

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Hi Experts

Overview -Business had given reference of transaction – CKM3N – Material price analysis..After expanding the BOM structure, it is seen that the header Actual value at each node does not match the sum of line items beneath. OSS note 1884961 explains why the CKM3N valuated quantity structure sub-total value not equal to sum of items. This has been communicated to business.

Question-Business wants to report all line items in the exploded BOM with each material and show the corresponding Actual cost of the material which will sum up to the immediate upper node and the total of entire BOM to sum up to the high level material actual value.

We want to know if it is possible to find actual cost of exploded BOM through standard or Z report .If yes how do we find that .