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Jul 04, 2019 at 09:15 AM

SAP_ILM_TC_T semantic object document action displayArchObjCL not exist


Dear experts.

I try to deploy fine and test SAP_ILM_TC_T FIOR apps.

SAP_ILM_TC_T semantic object document action displayArchObjCL not exist.

When I try to check archive from tile "Analyze Archiving Variants Distribution" I chek archive (file) and select specific item and click over "Monitor Archiving Jobs" show window "Do you want to navigate to the Monitor Archiving Jobs app?" click over yes and then obtain one error as this:

"App could not be opened either due to an incorrect SAP Fiori launchpad configuration or a missing role assignment."


"Failed to resolve navigation target "#Document-displayArchObjCL?Object=WORKITEM". This is most likely caused by an incorrect SAP Fiori launchpad content configuration or by a missing role assignment."

When I go to CATALOG SAP_ILM_TC_T and mapping for the OBJECT document not exist the ACTION displayArchObjectCL only exists displayArchObject.

Version of the system is

SAP_BASIS7530001SAPK-75301INSAPBASISSAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA75D0001SAPK-75D01INSAPABACross-Application Component

SAP_GWFND7530001SAPK-75301INSAPGWFNDSAP Gateway Foundation

SAP_UI7530002SAPK-75302INSAPUIUser Interface Technology

I searched the object in the documentation to see if the action was available but I can not find references. I leave the versions of the system in case you could help me identify where to find the available actions for each object of the FIORI application catalog.

If you have any other idea, please...

Thank you for your help.