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Jul 04, 2019 at 08:48 AM

Request Quotation from Supplier

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I just got a question from a customer of my company, regarding if we can help him create a "better" and more streamlined process for dealing with creating requests for quotations from suppliers / vendors, and the response back of a quotation.

Currently the customer is working in a local webtool (local design, that they've created themselves) that links to SRM (somehow, haven't quite figured that out yet), but the main thing is that all their suppliers work and log into the customers webtool to both view requests and respond with a quote. It seems like this is very important to the customer, to retain a form of tool that the customer also can work in and not replace the Communication of requests for quotes => quotations via e-mail or other disconnected options.

So I'm looking to understand more about the Sourcing and Procurement part of S/4, in terms of understanding how quotes => quotations work there. And if a separate webtool can interact with S/4 in terms of first creating the RFQ and sending it to the separate webtool, and once the quotation has been received also transmit that to S/4.

Or is there a "light version" / web connection for a supplier to be able to access a Fiori App to see any relevants RFQ's and respond with a quotation? Or would Ariba ever be and option?

I know that my question is a bit "messy", but I essentially need some more info regarding the whole RFQ => Quotation from Supplier flow- :) I know how it in practise works in R/3 but I honestly think it would be a mistake to tell the customer to continue to develop solutions in R/3 as they will have to move to S/4 rather soon anyway.

Many thanks in advance and have a great day!

All the best,