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Jul 03, 2019 at 10:35 PM

In ABAP Trial system, can we get a better text editor?


Is it possible to get a normal (I think it's called "graphic") text editor when connecting remotely to an ABAP Trial system? It seems to always open the old ugly SAPScript style editor (bleh!). This is the message that flashes by (typo original :) ) if I try Change Editor in the menu:

No program available for processing document



You tried to open an office document, but the required application is not isntalled on your PC.

* * *

Well, in this case it doesn't run on "my PC", so is there some workaround? Or maybe something could be included in CAL distribution? Not a huge deal but I already forgot how awful the old editor was and now it's pretty annoying. :)

Thank you!