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Jul 03, 2019 at 03:22 PM

Create Freight orders in background (TM Embedded basic shipping scenario)


Hello to all,

I'm currently working on a S/4HANA greenfield implementation (1809).

I have been asked by my customer if there is a possibility to create freight orders out of freight units (1 to 1) in TM (embedded / basic shipping scenario).

I have checked online help on the various freight orders creation procedures:

I also performed some analysis on my side on the various transactions that can be used for background processing purposes and this is the results of my own analysis:

Transaction /SCMTMS/BACKGRD_PLAN (Run Planning) is not compatible with basic shipping for it uses a "planning profile" ("TM advanced" feature).
Transaction /SCMTMS/DSO_BATCH (Convert Freight Units for Direct Shipment) is also not possible to use in a basic shipping scenario for it requires "carrier selection settings" also part of advanced TM.

Is my analysis correct? If yes, how can we achieve the customer's requirement?

Best regards,