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Jul 03, 2019 at 08:14 AM

Logon failure for DBF database files containing memo fields

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Hi Everyone

I am not using a server based approach for running reports. My application is a desktop application and all Crystal Reports run on client desktop. I have a DBF file that contains memo fields. I know that DBF files do not require a user identifier or password when connecting from Crystal Reports for Visual Studio. However, when we attempt at loading the report that connects to this DBF file, we get the standard logon form with the name of the table on the disabled server name field with the database, user, and password fields all blank and no matter what we enter, we cannot load the report. However, if we just convert the memo field to character field, everything works fine. This seems to point to a definite bug in the crdb_p2bxbse.dll driver that ships with the SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio SP25. Can anyone please let me know how to solve this issue? Please avoid suggestions like convert the memo field to character field because that is not possible for a number of reasons that goes beyond this forum. The error we get through the application is:

When I add the report to my VS project and load the report in VS IDE, the report will not display even in VS IDE if the memo field is left in the DBF file. When we remove the memo field from the DBF file, the report loads in the VS IDE successfully. The error we get in the VS IDE is:

The report is CR8.5 report but before jumping on and suggesting to upgrade the report to later versions, I have attempted that and even upgrading the report to CR XI does not make it work. I am confident that it is not related to the version of the report and neither is this related to version of the DBF file. As far as I can see, it is definitely related to the fact that the DBF file contains memo fields.

I have tried SP21, SP22 and latest version SP25 and they ll behave the same way.

Thank you


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