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Jul 03, 2019 at 02:11 PM

Bug in Username Login page (Hybris version 6.8)


Greetings! My name is Anton and I am a manual tester in a small company located in Bulgaria and Belgium. We are developing Hybris E-commerce websites and recently we found a bug in the Login page. When we made negative testing for the Login form we found that User can log in with invalid e-mail address by adding a special character. We inputted # in between the characters in the email address and the system just let us pass with no error message for an invalid e-mail address. Here are example steps that we used in our projects

1 Open a browser and navigate to the project

2 From the Login page click on the E-mail address

3 Enter invalid address:

4 Enter valid password

5 Click on the Login button

Can you please check and give feedback, we will be thankfull !