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Jul 02, 2019 at 08:38 AM

Change Connection in Promotion Management via "Override Settings"



i want to promote a Lumira Application via promotion management from our developing system to the productive system. The application consider at first a query of the developing environment with test datas. My goal is to change the connection of the query before the transfer.

The issue now is, that the application, that where transferred to the productive system, do not get any data, because there aren´t any connection registered in the datasource, when i open the transferred Lumira Document by Lumira Designer.

1. Change Source System to Origin System

I set over the "settings -> Manage System" our developing system to origin, otherwise you can´t select this system to connect in "override settings".

2. Connected with Source System in "override settings"

I clicked to the "override settings" and connected on the left side of the opened window to our origin (source) -system. After that i scanned the system of existing connections. Logged into the Destination Server and clicked "Promote". Now my selected Connection has been transported to the right side of the window (destination). I activated the connection and clicked to the "update" button, which is next to the connection. (Screenshots below)

When i click now the button next to the Connection, which is transfered to the destination side (right side), the following windows pop up and i think, that´s the point where i fail.

My Question

Now my question is, how do i have to fill the following screenshot, to change the connection of the queries from developing system to productive system? Or are there any other things i have to pay attention?