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Jul 01, 2019 at 03:18 PM

SAP HR leave Report leave calculation


Hello buddy!!

Hope all of you are well. Facing problem in my report that's why need your help.

In my report I am calculating employees leave based on leaves categories.I am checking it year wise by providing leaves type as a condition.The total holidays are maintained in pa2006 table based on type and my problem is , i'm taking the total number of holidays from pa2006 table and calculate same leave type for same year.there are multiple leave and I need to subtract it from before leave days.

Like: Remaining Leaves= total No.of days - enjoyed leave.

Suppose a person have 14 days leave & enjoyed 1 days leave on 05.06.2019 and 2 days leave on 22.06.2019 to 23.06.2019.

so remaining days shows for 1st one is:

05.06.2019 05.06.2019 1 remaining 13

22.06.2019 23.06.2019 2 remaining 13-2.

Please help me to solve it.Attached shows like what i want.




aaa.png (37.0 kB)