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Jun 30, 2019 at 06:20 PM

Timing of Inventory transactions and month end closing activies



Our plant operates 24 hour a day. At month end, the transactions are run to post overhead, variances and settlements to work orders. During this time frame we do not allow new inventory transactions to be posted until complete.

I need to control the timing of inventory transactions in the correct fiscal period during the month end closing process at the same time not shut down manufacturing.

My questions is can inventory transaction be done as long as these are in the next period?

As an example: The month end closing processes would start at midnight to close period 6. Can manufacturing continue to enter inventory transactions that would now be in period 7? Does the t-codes recognize the dates/time stamp and only apply the variance and settlement to the transactions in selected fiscal period?

How does the OB52 control inventory transactions? If this has not been opened to the new period, can inventory transactions be completed?