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Jun 28, 2019 at 02:46 PM

New Stores Not Replicating To CRM



After investigating why some new stores replicate and other don’t, I have come to the following conclusion after testing a couple of scenarios:

One needs to replicate the following objects in the right sequence for the store/plant to successfully replicate to CRM.

  1. First replicate DNL_PLANT
  2. Define a customer replication request and execute it. NB Objectname=CUSTOMER_MAIN and not a general BP.

NB: The replication that I am referring to here affect the following two tables: BUT000 and CRMV_BUPA_CUSTNO.

The store will be found both in BUT000 and CRMV_BUPA_CUSTNO after following the two steps mentioned above have been successfully replicated.

The problem we are having is that the replicating DNL_PLANT needs to be default.

Each and every new plant/store that is created in ERP must be manually replicated into CRM and this is not working for us.

What will be ideal is for this replication to work as soon as the site is created, similar to what is happening with ERP customers.