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Jun 28, 2019 at 10:20 AM

What logic sap uses when choosing "volume unit" for a material (mm01/mm02 Basic data)


Hello friends,

do you know what logic sap uses when automatically choosing "volume unit" for a material? (in mm01, Tab basic data 1). Can there be any units of measurement that sap automatically uses or on what these units of measurement depend on?

The situation is as follows:

usually we do not maintain volume and volume unit manually. We just enter length, width and height plus unit for those. The system calculates volume and volume unit automatically.

I created two examples in test system:
example 1:
I created material via MM01 and maintained length, width and height directly during that. Result is a volume unit CDM (for material with industry sector M - "Mechanical engineering" and material type "BAU" - Assembly).
example 2:
for analog material, but I created material via MM01 w/o length, width and height and maintained those via MM02 in a second step. Result is a volume unit in HL (!).

Is there a logic on part of SAP? Do we have a chance to get CCM, CDM or M3 in all cases instead of L or HL (which should be used for liquids)?

Thank you very much!