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Mar 23, 2006 at 09:57 AM

Problems with the condition for a switch in our IntegrationProcess



we're relatively new in using the XI-IntegrationBuilder and we have a small problem.

We try to define a switch-condition to perform two different Transformations depending on a specific value of a message element.

The condition looks like this:

(IncomingRequest./p1:MT_XI_REQUEST/status = donormal)

Both 'sides' of the condition are of the type (xsd:string).

But it seems the condition is not working in the right way.

It always uses the Transformation 'merge' (pls see image of IntegrationProcess->here the Transformation is shown as 'me').

Image" target="_blank">">Image of sampleprocess (this is only a testprocess to show what we want to do)

For testing we already run the process without the switch (making it linear), by using each transformation occurring in the switch on its own. Both tests worked well and returned the expected different values. But as mentioned above when we're using both Transformations in the switch, always the Transformation 'merge' is performed.

It does NOT matter if the Transformation 'merge' is placed in the 'if' or in the 'otherwise' branch. It does NOT matter what value (true/false) the condition should return.

Maybe its a basic desing-problem of our process?

<b>Any suggestions will be appreciated</b>



Our systemenvironment:


Java version:1.5.0_01

Java vendor:Sun Microsystems Inc.


Service pack:15


Latest change:15767

Sync time:200603080654

ps: we already checked the OSS note 890760 for resolution. but this didn't solve the problem.