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Jul 03, 2019 at 04:26 PM

How to estimate BASIS work?


Hello, as part of an automation project, I am trying to estimate the effort (in time) spent by BASIS in certain basic tasks.

These are some of the tasks (to have as example):

List of users (SUIM) with the following criteria in one system/client:

  • Authorization Object: S_TCODE
  • Transaction Code: SE38 OR SE80
  • Authorization Object: S_DEVELOP ACTVT = 16 and 03 OBJTYPE = PROG OBJNAME = * P_GROUP = * DEVCLASS = *
  • AND
  • Authorization Object: S_PROGRAM Activity Value: SUBMIT P_GROUP = *

Obtain an access list of users who have privileged-level access (SAP_ALL, SAP_NEW) in one system/client

RSPARAM extraction from each application server from one system

Extract a certain table (with specific conditions) through SE16

I am basically looking for any experience doing this or any data you can share from your own experience. How much time/effort is required to execute these tasks?