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Jul 02, 2019 at 10:45 AM

HTML Mash Up as a Custom Work Center View in SAP C4C



We have a requirement to configure a HTML Mash up as a Custom Work center view in SAP C4C. The Custom Work Center should display only the Mash Up.

We followed the following steps.

1. Configured a Mash Up in Cloud Application Studio.

2. Created a standalone WCV (Work Center View).

3. Attached the created Mash Up as an Embedded Component to the WCV.

4. Created a standalone Custom WCF (Work Center).


1. How to attach the Work Center View to the custom Work center?

2. After attaching the WCV to the WCF and deploying the solution, will the WCF be displayed in the list of work centers in the solution?

3. Is it possible to attach the Custom Work Center View to a Standard Work center?