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Jul 02, 2019 at 09:24 AM

EWM Production supply delivery is created despite of requested qty is zero in manufacturing order


HI Experts,

We are using embedded EWM in S4 Hana.

The warehouse storage location (say 1000) and production supply storage location (2000)both are EWM managed.(two separate EWM warehouses say W001- Warehouse and W002- production supply).

The manufacturing order triggers outbound delivery for warehouse W001 to supply the goods whenever staging is triggered.


1.The material (say 1000001) is available in sufficient qty (say 100) in production supply storage location 2000 (warehouse W002)

2. When a new manufacturing order is created, the system calculates "requested qty= 0" and "requirement qty= 10" for material 1000001. This is correct, because production supply storage location already has sufficient quantity fulfilling this requirement.

3. However, system still creates outbound delivery for production staging with qty 10. THis is incorrect and is not required.

Kindly suggest/provide your views to correct this behavior.

Best regards,