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Jun 29, 2019 at 01:31 PM

SAP system copy using backup and restore for hana system replication


Dear Experts,

I and doing SAP hana system replication ( my primary server On-Premises and secondary server on AzureI am using SAP HANA database version 2.0 sp4 on suse enterprise linux 12 sp4. I am stuck in database restoration in secondary server.

When I was migrate my sap database from Oracle to HANA During the installation of hana database software gave HDB databased name ( which was dummy ) sap create user with then name hdbadm and all folders etc. during the migration of hana using SUM DMO I gave taget DB SID ERP

After the migration I have 3 databases (1.SYSTEMDB2. HDB3. ERP ( which is for SAP ) and my schema name SAPERP not SAPABAP1 ) SAP working fine , now I am creating system replication for the I am using system copy usingbackup and restore method .

I taken complete database backup for all above three databases and first restored SYSTEMDB database in secondary system (which is located in azure and my primary database On-Premises) which was successfully completed then HDB which was also completed successfully but which I repeat the same process for ERP usinghana studio which is not give any response during restoration and blank screen in same status last 2 hour no job running I am not able to understand why it’s happened how can I analyst restoration issue because no error in hana studio




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