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Jun 27, 2019 at 06:49 PM

Multiple issues with notifications, part 2


After the previous issues have been resolved, new ones have been introduced.

1. Notification link leads to dashboard when used for the first time (also reported here).

2. While I appreciate more text added to the notifications, now their titles are not helpful anymore as they just say the same thing "new comment added" etc. Exhibit A:

3. I assume "Community" in the screenshot above is supposed to be the tag name. If so, this is not working as every single notification just says "Community". If that's intentional then I'm confused what value does this add.

4. For one mention I've received multiple notifications. Exhibit B:

5. While it is at least possible to right-click on the small text items in the notification, right-click on the title just opens the same notification in the single-notification view. TBH I don't care for this type of view at all but it would be logical to open it when the title is just clicked. Personally, I'd very much prefer the old functionality when right-click on title opens the actual item I'm notified about. Looking for the exact link to click in the small grey text is not good for my eyesight, unfortunately.

Thank you.


scn.jpg (63.4 kB)
scn2.jpg (155.5 kB)