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Jul 01, 2019 at 10:55 AM

BADI, Enhancement to control MIGO GR spool request generation


Hi Experts,

Requirment: in MIGO GR creation, need different spool request for each GR number.

what is happening now : related GR number are combining in to one spool request (using single Purchase Order for all partial GR creations are combining in to single spool).

For example using Purchase Order 6909897 & Plant 7201 in MIGO we created GR (using partial quantities creating multiple GR's), 1st time GR Number is 5003130754, this time spool request number is 854 and it has 3 pages of information.

2nd time when we use same Purchase Order 6909897 & Plant 7201 in MIGO to create another GR (using partial quantities) GR number 5003130755 created, this also has 3 page information and this information is combined in same spool request 854 which is mentioned above. now spool has 6 pages and 2 different GR number information for same purchase order. If we create another GR using same purchase order by using remaining partial quantities another GR will be created & assume that it has 3 pages information and it is also combined in same spool request 854 (total pages will become 9). user do not want this combining GR numbers in to single spool. user expecting different spool for different GR number.

so kindly advise me if we have any BADI's or enhancements or configurations or any solution to solve this issue. please let me know if further details are required in this.

Thanks & Regards