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Jun 28, 2019 at 09:13 AM

Combining data from different queries


Hi guys,

I'm working on Webi 4.1 and I'm having some troubles to combine some data from different queries.

To make it simple, I have a list of ID in an excel file. I created 2 queries:

- one with the excel file to get this list of ID on a webi report (Query 1)

- a second one from the universe with the same dimenssion ID + a measure (Query 2)

But, when I run the queries and I create a report where I want to display the list from query 1 (the excel file) with the measure (from query 2), I have no values for the measure...

Column 1 | Colum 2

[Query 1].[ID] | [Query2].[measure]

My dimensions are merged, I don't see where is the problem..

Can you help please?

Thank you