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Jun 28, 2019 at 07:15 AM




I need your help for MF L_TO_CREATE_DN for delivery

Process should be - create OT on delivery, confirm OT with picking and after make Godd issue based on IDOC SHPCON integration

I tried to use MF L_TO_CREATE_DN in user exit ZXTRKU04 and I can do it but I found issues.

If I complete IT_DELIT, Program take correct information but quantity is global quantity for unit on pallet instead of quantity required
ex: In delivery I need 1 CA and on 1 pal there are 100 CA, If I confirm 1CA for SSCC, I can see correct batch but picking done for 100 CA instead of 1CA.

If I complete l_TAP_VB, it take correct uom and quantity but random batch instead of batch required.

Is it a custo issue.. or MF issue..

Could you please help??