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Mar 23, 2006 at 08:08 AM

Sharing data in context nodes between applications ... is this possible ?



I am trying to create the below scenario :

1) Fills in a form and data will be stored in context node.

2) when done, user clicks on a 'preview' button and a new application will be lauched with an interactive form displaying the enter details. (Using WdURLGenerator...)


From my logger, I am able to confirm that my node and attributes are correctly populated with the user details that were entered. However, from the node of the newly launched application, I am unable to see the data.

<u><b>What I have done so far</b></u>

1) I haved added the interactive component into the "Used WD component" of my main application.

2) The interface conroller of the interactive component has its node set as "isInputElement" and this node is then mapped to its component comntroller. Here, I attempt to do a eg: wdcontext.currentReceivedDataElement().getName(); and its here that I get my null pointer exception. It seems that the data is not being passed from the mian application to the interactive form.

Can someone kindly tell me what I have done wrongly here please ? Thank you.


Kwok Wei