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Mar 23, 2006 at 07:49 AM

Problems with build


Hi all,

We have been making local DCs for our applications all this while and are now attempting the use of the JDI. As give in the tutorials for mirgating existing local DCs to the DTR, we created a DC, copied all the contents inside the "packages" directory of the local DC into the new DC and added the files to the DTR. When attempting to build, we get errors that certain imports are not found. These are in "" and "servlet.jar". Now these files are regular and are supposed to be referenced the CBS for build. For whatever reason, it doesn't find them. Now how do I specify these in the build path?

I know this is a regular topic and I found plenty of info for this. The most favoured solution is to create an External Library DC, add the jar files to its public part and reference it in the Web Dynpro. But I am using NWDS Version: 2.0.9 and this doesn't have any option of an External Library DC. But I found a J2EE Server Component DC. I found a tutorial for adding jars in the public path of this DC, but this requires configuration in server.xml which I did not find after creating the project.

What am I missing?...a lot of things I guess! Please help.