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Jun 26, 2019 at 02:03 PM

How to create new KPI for a Quotation in SAP Hana?


Dear All,

I would appreciate if anyone of you helps on this issue. I wanted to create a new KPI pervasive analysis in SAP Hana for an open quotation based on the query belowI already created, but I couldn't go further.


SELECT T0."DocNum" AS "Belegnummer", T0."DocDate" AS "Buchungsdatum", T0."DocDueDate" AS "Fälligkeitsdatum", T0."DocStatus", T0."CardCode" FROM OQUT T0 INNER JOIN OUSR T1 ON T0."UserSign" = T1."USERID" WHERE T0."DocStatus" = 'O' AND T1."USERID" = [%USER] AND T0."DocDate" >= [%0] AND T0."DocDate" <= [%1] ORDER BY T0."DocDueDate", T0."DocNum"


if anyone can help based on the above query or any other idea, would be really good.

Thanks in advance