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Jun 21, 2019 at 09:32 AM

IDM 8.0: Processes ignore changed content of linked script and keep using old version

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Hello fellow IDM people,

I need your help with something. (Surprise! ^^)


IDM 8.0 SP 6 on MSSQL

What's the problem:

I have a package, that contains all my scripts. I link those scripts into jobs and processes, where I need them. So no funny business there, a new way of having global scripts.

Now I updated one of those scripts in the script package, checked the package in. No issue there.

When I checked the linked script in the process I changed it for, the old content was still displayed. I didn't mind much, because I know this happens, just a display error, right? The script itself (in its own package) shows the correct content.

But there is an issue after all, because the processes keep using the old version of the script, even though it's not there anymore. I know this, because I have warnings activated in the new script, so I know when it's used. And most of the time it is not used (and a very few times it is, haven't found out when yet).

What I tried so far:

  • Checking both involved packages out and back in: old version is used.
  • Deleting the linked script from the package, check the package in, check it out again, re-link the script: old version is used.
  • Deleting the linked script from the package, recreating the script as local package script (with same name) and using that in the process: old version is used.
  • Changing the name of the local script and use that in the process: new version is used.
  • Changing the name back to the original script name and use that in the process again: old version is used.
  • Re-Linking the package script in every process that it's used in in this package and checking the package back in: Package dependencies show the new version everywhere, but old version is used.
  • Trying to tear my hair out: old version is used.

To summarize:

I have a linked script that I changed and in every process I have linked it to, the old content is still displayed and most of the time, the old content of the script is used instead of the new version.

I'm at the end of my wits and now I'm here hoping that one of you have encountered the same issue and (more important) have found a way to squash this bug or at least found a workaround?

Help. :(