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Jun 20, 2019 at 03:02 PM

From SE11 tabledata to SAC



I am new to SAC and already did quite a lot of research.

I found a lot of stuff that you can do in SAC when you upload an EXCEL Sheet as your dataset. Everybody seems to do this, but who really need this in real life? I mean, nice for training, but useless for live data. I would like to use a real SE11 created table instead. (any link for a complete example on that as a basis would be very nice)

I found a lot of information how to connect your S/4 System in a direct way to SAC. I did that! Matter of fact: that is no datasource at all. It is just a connection (which indeed is attributed as an S/4 connection in my SAC)

Now it gets weird. I need to create a model with a datasource from my connection. I can do that, but it then always only lets me select a SAP BW type (not S/4 HANA as the connection is configured). It takes the real connection data, I can see the user in my S/4 system in SM04 (so I can rule out it is picking the wrong system). But in the list of datasources there are only BW objects. No CDS stuff, no odata services as I would expect.

What am I getting wrong?

I would assume, creating a CDS view or an odata service to browse my SE11 table should be a valid datasource for an underlying S/4 Hana system to feed the data to SAC. Why is SAC only suggesting these weird BW objects?

Any Idea?