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Can we automate Crystal Report 2016 .rpt file using Crystal Server 2016 BI rest api?

Feb 10, 2017 at 10:16 PM


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I installed trial version of Crystal Report 2016 and Crystal Server 2016 on one machine. I was not able to access crystal server business intelligence rest api (http://localhost:6405/biprws/). After uninstall Crystal Report 2016 from machine, I am able to call rest api.

I was working for use sample reports and export that using rest call. But a lot of problem is coming those are mention below :

When I was tried to use http://localhost:6405/biprws/infostore/5273/rpt/export?mime_type=application/pdf for export report in pdf. It is giving error

<error> <error_code>404</error_code> <message>Resource not supported for the requested object. (RWS 00010)</message></error>

I tried to find reason and got something mention below :

Cause YouattemptedtoaccessaresourceforanInfoObjectwhichwasnotsupported.Forexample,this exceptionwouldbethrownwhenyoutrytoaccesstheCrystalReportsserviceforaFolder.



Can you please help us asap?

Thanks and regards,


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Daniel Paulsen
Feb 22, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Hi Harsh,

No, you will not be able to use CR 2016 reports with the REST APIs. The Crystal Reports REST APIs will work with "Crystal Reports For Enterprise reports" created with the Java designer, but not with CR 2016 reports created with the C++ designer (crw32.exe).


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Which product offering on SAP's corresponds to the "Enterprise" version of Crystal Reports? I'm running into same issue and am utterly dismayed that we just purchased two products that cannot be used with each other in a programmatic workflow triggered by web-service calls.

Is there any other potential workaround or workflow that could be used as a substitute? For example take a Crystal Report and trigger report output to a destination assigned to that report? Or perhaps creating a publication based on the same crystal report with the same destination based delivery?


It's called "Crystal for Enterprise" and it can be downloaded at the same place where you downloaded your BusinessObjects server and client tools installs. It needs to be at the same version and service pack as your BI Platform.

For regular Crystal Reports, you can use an "OpenDocument" call to view a report. The OpenDocument documentation is in the in the Development Information section at, just like the REST documentation. You can also use the regular Java or .NET SDKs to get information about reports, such as parameters if you need to override the parameter screen from OpenDocument. I am currently working with a client where we are doing a hybrid SDK project that uses the existing RESTful web Services where we can and we are wrapping Java SDK code into our own RESTful web services where the functionality we need is not present in the existing REST SDK.


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Dell Stinnett-Christy

Ok, I found the Crystal for Enterprise in the downloads section. Thank you

Before I give up on Crystal Server 2016 and Crystal Reports 2016. I think it would be helpful to myself, OP and whomever comes after us to see if this workflow could work.

Instead of opening a document as the payload of the webservice response per the kind comment above.

Has anyone tried using Destinations to control the output of a report in a webservice call?

For example:

I created a publication that references a crystal 2016 report, that has the default destination writing to local disk for 2016 Crystal Server. When running via CMC the Publication runs as expected and I get a report generated on disk successfully. So all good there.

However when I run the following, (No authentication issues or anything like that).


Report ID is from the publication properties.

I get a 200 response but nothing seems to happen. Is this workflow possible?

destinations.jpg (72.5 kB)
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Might have answered my own question but to try and complete the thought. Here is the documentation on the scheduleforms API call.

page 101

I'm getting the 200 because I'm using the Get which provides the body for the subsequent Put that needs to occur. I implemented that and now I'm at

405,<error> <error_code>RWS 00057</error_code> <message>Method not allowed; method specified in the Request-Line is not allowed for the resource identified by the Request-URI (RWS 00057)</message>

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Former Member Mar 03, 2017 at 04:23 PM

@daniel.paulsen Could you please link to the product "Crystal Reports For Enterprise reports" on the:

We currently had CR 16 ad CRS 16 and this inability to execute the REST API is a blocker.

Thank you


@Daniel Paulsen

Could you please link to the product "Crystal Reports for Enterprise reports" on:

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Tammy Powlas
Mar 03, 2017 at 06:24 PM

Hi Robert - I believe Crystal for Enterprise is only available through the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise BI platform client download site at the SAP Support Portal - -

I don't recall seeing it on SAP Store.

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