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Jun 21, 2019 at 12:43 PM

OData Offline Delta Download (Refresh)

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Hello community,

I am using the Syclo Exchange framework to detect changes in my backend and enabled my OData Service to make use of it via delta tokens. If I send a delta token to my backend it is working fine and I only get the changed entities.

I use the following defining query:

"definingRequests": {
  'Notifs': "/notifications?$filter=applicationId eq 'QA'"

If I call this query in SAP Gateway client a delta token is returned:

I would expect now, that the store.refresh() method uses this delta token as the default value of "track_deltas" is set to "AUTO". But the mobile services is not using this delta token:

(Network trace of the refresh method). The first request is the definig query and the second request is the call of store.refresh().

The Log in mobile sservices is shwoing this:

Has anybody an idea, why my delta tokens are not working?

PS: I am using the Kapsel plugins in the newest version 4.2.7. and the android SDK as well, both with the same result.

Best regards,



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