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SAP OVP Analytical Cards Mouse Hover Action and Filtering

Hi All,

I am trying to build an OVP having multiple cards. I was able to create various types of cards, like list, line, column etc.

However, I am struggling with two things.

1. If we consider a UI5 VIZ Chart, for example, column chart, when we mouse hover / Click on a particular column, it shows me some pop-over information (selected dimension and measure). How can I achieve the same using OVP Column chart?

2. One thing that has been killing me, is the filtering. I am neither able to get the global filtering working nor a card specific filter.

Could some one please help me in getting a card specific filter ( with a drill down, say Region drilldown) working.

your help is highly appreciated.

PS : For all the cards in the OVP, I am using my own OData service deployed on our PO Server.


Srinivas Sistu

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2 Answers

  • Jul 05, 2018 at 11:50 AM


    For global filter we need to apply selection fields in annotation:

    <Annotations Target="NorthwindModel.Invoice">
    <Annotation Term="UI.SelectionFields" Qualifier="invoice_sel">
    <Annotation Term="UI.LineItem" Qualifier="invoice_list">
    <Record Type="UI.DataField">
    <PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="CustomerID"/>
    <PropertyValue Property="Label" Path="CustomerID"/>
    <Record Type="UI.DataField">
    <PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="RequiredDate"/>
    <PropertyValue Property="Label" Path="RequiredDate"/>
    <Record Type="UI.DataField">
    <PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="ShippedDate"/>
    <PropertyValue Property="Label" Path="ShippedDate"/>

    "Label"s are not applied for list cards hence not mandatory. The qualifier is important as we will mention that in the "annotationPath" for selection fields in our "manifest.json" file. Now after we have the annotation, we need to maintain the manifest.json file like this(Please maintain the difference between "globalFilterEntityType" and "globalFilterEntitySet" if we need to maintain it manually):

    "sap.ovp": {
    "globalFilterModel": "Northwind",
    "globalFilterEntityType": "Invoice",
    "globalFilterEntitySet": "Invoices",
    "enableBasicSearch": true,
    "containerLayout": "resizable",
    "enableLiveFilter": true,
    "considerAnalyticalParameters": true,"cards": { "card04": {
    "model": "Northwind",
    "template": "",
    "settings": {
    "title": "{{card04_title}}",
    "entitySet": "Invoices",
    "selectionAnnotationPath": "",
    "annotationPath": "",
    "addODataSelect": false
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    Former Member
    Apr 24, 2017 at 08:06 PM

    Did you find resolution for these issues?

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