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Jun 25, 2019 at 02:03 PM

Logout Not working as expected for Fiori Launchpad


Hi Experts,

I have a custom button on click of which I want to logout from Fiori Launchpad, after reading several blogs and answers I implemented it following way :

handleLogout: function() {
					type: "GET",
					url: "/sap/public/bc/icf/logoff"//Clear SSO cookies: SAP Provided service to do that 
				}).done(function(data) { //Now clear the authentication header stored in the browser 
					if (!document.execCommand("ClearAuthenticationCache")) {
						//”ClearAuthenticationCache” will work only for IE. Below code for other browsers 
							type: "GET",
							url: "/sap/public/bc/icf/logoff", //any URL to a Gateway service 
							username: "dummy", //dummy credentials: when request fails, will clear the authentication header 
							password: "dummy",
							statusCode: {
								401: function() {
									//This empty handler function will prevent authentication pop-up in chrome/firefox 
							error: function() {
								//alert(‘reached error of wrong username password’) 
					 // Reloads page at same location


It is Logging out , but I am not able to prevent the authentication pop-up, as per the code it should be handled for status code 401. Problem is I am not getting the status code 401 after done I am getting 403 but putting that in code is not helping.

Secondly the Code :


is not being called so I am stuck with the screen:

but I want to move to main login screen on top of current screen. Here is the SS of network tab :

I am feeling like the response from server has some problem , Can anyone please teel what is wrong here.

I am using Chrome browser.




popup.jpg (40.3 kB)
nw-tab.jpg (46.3 kB)