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Jun 25, 2019 at 09:32 AM

​How to Migrate Java Webdynpro code from PIX system to XDG system with NWDI


Hi Gurus,

we are using the EP 7.0 and NWDI 7.4

DI_CBSsap.comSAP AG1000.

DI_CLIENTSsap.comSAP AG1000.

DI_CMSsap.comSAP AG1000.

DI_DTRsap.comSAP AG1000.

DI_NTYsap.comSAP AG1000.

Now we have a one requirement Current system running the custome webdynpro java application in PIX system with NWDI component . Now requrirement is same NWDI component they have to move to another system DWX system . So basis people installed the NWDI compinent to DWX system . Now we have to move the code from PIX system to DWX system . Then how to proced the copying the code from the old system to new system . Kindly Please help me with the steps required to do this!