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Jun 19, 2019 at 09:16 AM

Unable to make API Calls on my SAP Leonardo IOT (POSTMAN & API BUSINESS HUB)



I want to make API calls via Postman and API business hub, but I've got some problems. I have got the feeling that my URL i'm using is not supported for the API services but I have not a 100% concrete indicator, so i hope to find that out with your help.

1) My IOT Leonardo Fiori LP- URL has the format: https://<tenant-name> while all the tutorials and api documentation shows the format https:// .

2) I was making this tutorial of the sap hana academy:∈dex=19

After creating the packages, thing types and packages, they show how to make API calls with POSTMAN.

There, they use an API Collection with a custom environment. I have adapted all values to my account, but I can't get a JSON response but an html response. I have checked the values on typos.

here are the values for the url format https://{{tenant}}.{{endpoint}}/appcore-conf/Configuration('{{packagePrefix}}.{{packageId}}.{{number}}')

3) My Idea was to check API Business Hub and try making the calls there.

There, i realised, that my account is still somehow connected to the I only could access their packages and not mine. I connected to the endpoint while making this tutorial, but I had a trial for SAP Leonardo then.

I hope that i have described my problem properly and that solving the problem is not too hard.